Week 37: September 7 - 14 Last updated:   11-Sep-20
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV Tuesday Sept. 8 Starting at 08:30 for 71 hr + 2 hr of start-up and tuning. Friday Sept. 11 @ 09:30
ISAC Tuesday Sept. 8 Starting at 08:30 for 71 hr + 2 hr of start-up and tuning. Friday Sept. 11 @ 09:30
E-LINAC Wednesday Sept. 9 TBD, for EHD investigations TBD
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG STF water package install (Tuesday - Thursday) 520 MeV C2020-09-10-8, C2020-09-08-3, C2020-09-08-2 n
STF target swap (TBD) 520 MeV C2020-09-10-4 y
Top-up 500 MeV IPF Water System and 500 IPF Hotcell Water Column sealing  520 MeV C2020-09-10-7 y
Beam Development ISIS emittance measurements (TBD) 520 MeV C2020-09-09-5 -
Computing and Networking
Controls STF water jacket level calibration (TBD) 520 MeV
Test SSH server restart in DEVBN2 520 MeV n
New cooling tower controls work 520 MeV n
STF water package upgrade work 520 MeV C2020-09-08-4 y
Test water systems TCs 520 MeV n
Cryogenics and Vacuum Prepare E-LINAC 2 K for diesel generator tests E-LINAC - y
Diagnostics 2A2M19 repair (Tuesday - Thursday) ISAC/520 MeV 13362 I2020-09-11-5, I2020-09-08-2 tbd
water cooled probe filter change (Thursday) 520 MeV 13387 C2020-09-11-1 n - still clogged
ISAC Target Hall 2A2M19 repair (Tuesday - Thursday) ISAC 13362 many
ISIS I1 H2 supply check (TBD) 520 MeV C2020-09-09-2 y
Magnets and Power Supplies Repair Water Leak of 1AQ10 Power Supply 520 MeV C2020-09-11-3 y
investigate and repair 1AQ16 power supply water flow switch  520 MeV C2020-09-10-9 y
Operations Sump checks All - y
SCBCD & SCRM Tests 520 MeV - y
Remote Handling Troubleshoot 1A T2 collimator flow fault 520 MeV 13407 no wp y
Safety RMS crate replacement (Tuesday - Wednesday) 520 MeV 11943 C2020-09-08-1 y
Site Services Diesel generator load tests [ELSV] (Wednesday) All C2020-09-09-1, I2020-09-09-4,  A2020-09-09-1 y
Continuing with the VFD install in S.A. B3 [ELSV] (TBD) 520 MeV
Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS SAB3 pump check [MSRV] (Tuesday) 520 MeV C2020-09-10-2 y
2C hot cell fan MRO & motor swap [MSRV] (Tuesday - Thursday) 520 MeV C2020-09-09-6 n
Increase ISIS-LCW flow by turning on backup pump  [MSRV] (Tuesday) 520 MeV 13403 C2020-09-08-5 y
Grease new SAB3 sump pumps  [MSRV] (Tuesday) 520 MeV C2020-09-09-6 y
ISAC cooling tower inspection  [MSRV] (Tuesday) ISAC - n
1AQ9 pump pressure switch install 520 MeV C2020-09-10-1 n - tbc