Week 31: July 27 - Aug. 3, 2020 Last updated:   30-Jul-20
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV Due to a cyclotron vacuum equipment failure, there will be maintenance all week. Jobs proposed but not confirmed are in italics. Week 32
E-LINAC E-LINAC cryogenics cooldown all week: EINJ 80K cooldown Wed.  EINJ 4K cooldown Thursday.  EACA 80K cooldown Thurs.  EACA 4K cooldown Friday. 
GROUP ACTIVITY Work Permit Fault Report Completed
ATG cable pull from SAB2B2 to B3 for new STF water package (July 30) 520 MeV C2020-07-30-1 y
Beamlines Swap 2A2Q15 & 16 leads (July 28) ISAC C2020-07-28-2 y
Continuation of shutdown job at M9/T2 (ongoing) 520 MeV - -
Remove 1A temporary beamblocker/shielding (June 29-30) 520 MeV C2020-07-30-2 y
Computing and Networking
Controls Shutdown ccsep1 for preventative maintenance (July 28) 520 MeV C2020-07-28-3 y
Shutdown sbp1/sbd1/ccsda1/ccssp1 for preventative maintenance (July 28) 520 MeV C2020-07-28-3 y
Replace Failing CAMAC Fan Tray in ISIS (July 27) 520 MeV C2020-07-27-7 y
Reboot CYCXFER IOC 520 MeV C2020-07-24-3 y
Cryogenics and Vacuum LINDE troubleshooting and repair (Week 30 - ongoing) 520 MeV - -
Cyclotron leak checking (July 31) 520 MeV C2020-07-31-1
Diagnostics 2A2M19  potentiometer replacement (July 27-28) ISAC I2020-07-28-7 y
2A2M19 inspection and repair in hot cell  (July 27-28) ISAC I2020-07-28-7 y
Electrostatics and Power Supplies
ISAC Target Hall 2A2M19 work [entrance module removal/reinstall] (July 27-29) ISAC - y
ISIS Access VRS to take measurements (June 29) 520 MeV C2020-07-29-4 y
Regen IB1-CYP030 to VIB-CYP021  520 MeV C2020-07-29-2
Life Sciences Access vault tunnel to take pictures of LS bunker location  (July 29) 520 MeV C2020-07-29-5 y
Magnets and Power Supplies
Operations Sump checks All -
SCBCD & SCRM Tests 520 MeV -
EINJ/EACA safety critical tests (when cold)  E-LINAC -
Remote Handling
RF Inspection of PAs (Week 30 -> TBD) 520 MeV C2020-07-24-5
IPA/TL directional coupler calibration measurements (TBD) 520 MeV
RF booster MRO (TBD) 520 MeV
Site Services Continuation of SAB3 VFD install (July 27 - TBD) [Electrical] 520 MeV C2020-07-24-1 -
Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS Cooling tower replacement project (ongoing) 520 MeV/E-LINAC - -
Cooling tower Cells C1/C2 maintenance 520 MeV C2020-07-27-4