Week 28: July 6 - 13 Last updated:   08-Jul-20
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV July 7 - 8 32 hr maintenance starting Tuesday at 08:30 + 1 hr startup July 8 @ 17:30
ISAC shutdown
E-LINAC shutdown
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG STF water package work (SAB3) 520 MeV C2020-07-07-11, C2020-07-07-10, C2020-07-07-8 TBC next 2 day maintenance 
STF resin can swap 520 MeV - n
Flask transfer 520 MeV C2020-07-08-4 y
Beamlines Scan 1A tunnel and East vault tunnel 520 MeV C2020-07-07-2 y
Computing and Networking
Controls Console ISIS slits selection faulty lever wheel 520 MeV 13231 - n
IB1:TP064 remote controls and controller 520 MeV - n
Test SSH server restart on DEVBN2 520 MeV - n
Test STF collimator temperature PLC ADC channels 520 MeV C2020-07-08-2 y
Cryogenics and Vacuum Cryo panel defrost 520 MeV C2020-07-07-1 y
2A tunnel vacuum MRO (July 7) 520 MeV C2020-07-07-4 y
Diagnostics Gas 2A monitors (July 7) 520 MeV C2020-07-07-6 Y
ISIS I1 H2 supply check 520 MeV C2020-07-07-3 y
Magnets and Power Supplies Install ground fault detection filter in MM PS (requires MM off) 520 MeV C2020-07-07-12 y
Troubleshoot 1VSM0 p/s noisy output 520 MeV - n
Operations Sump checks All - y
SCBCD & SCRM Tests 520 MeV - y
2A exclusion area ASU testing (night shift) 520 MeV/ISAC   I2020-07-07-12  y
Remote Handling
RF Repair water leak in HVPS 520 MeV C2020-07-08-1 y
Safety Replace RMS2PC 520 MeV C2020-07-07-9 Y
Site Services Rental cooling tower install and commissioning [MSRV] 520 MeV/E-LINAC C2020-07-07-5 y
Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS Diesel generator load tests [ESRV] All C2020-07-06-1 y
Continuation of VFD install on SAB3 [ESRV] 520 MeV/E-LINAC C2020-07-07-13 TBC next maintenance