Week 25: June 15 - June 22 Last updated:   15-Jun-20
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV Friday, June 19 Starting at 08:30 for 4 hr.  12:30
Note: After this week, the next planned maintenance is July 7th.
ISAC Shutdown
E-LINAC Shutdown
ARIEL Shutdown
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG STF tgt swap 520 MeV C2020-06-19-7 y
STF resin can change (TBD) - adjusted IEx flow instead 520 MeV C2020-06-19-8 y
Computing and Networking
Controls Replace faulty media converter for ISIS VIB-IB PLC 520 MeV C2020-06-19-5
Console ISIS slits selection faulty lever wheel 520 MeV 13231 n
IB1:TP064 remote controls and controller 520 MeV n
ISIS emittance TRIMAC watchdog to XTp 5ER1 & -W1 520 MeV - y
Restart CCSCn  520 MeV C2020-06-19-2 y
ISIS Assist Controls with ISIS vacuum controls work 520 MeV
I1 H2 supply check 520 MeV C2020-06-19-1 y
Life Sciences Move waste from MHESA Labs to SAB3/vault tunnel 520 MeV C2020-06-19-4 y
Magnets and Power Supplies Troubleshoot 1VSM0 p/s noisy output 520 MeV - n - too busy with MM PS failure
Operations Sump checks All - y
SCBCD & SCRM Tests 520 MeV - y
Remote Handling
Site Services SAB3 sump pump check [MSRV] 520 MeV C2020-06-19-6 y
Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS Continuation of VFD install on SAB3 [ESRV] 520 MeV C2020-06-19-3 still in progress