Week 23 Updated: 30-Apr-19
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV June 4 & 5, 2019 31 hr + 2 hr cyclotron tuning and training Wed. June 5, 17:30
E-LINAC TBD More after weekly E-LINAC meeting on Friday, May 31
ISAC Shutdown until June 2019   Shutdown schedule: Collection-9271 Collection-9271
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
Computing and Networking
Cryogenics and Vacuum Cryo panel regen 520 MeV
Diagnostics PIP2 troubleshooting 520 MeV
1A T1 protect replacement (TBD) 520 MeV
ISAC Target Hall
ISIS I1 backplate change 520 MeV
Electrostatics and Power Supplies
Experimental Support
Magnets and Power Supplies
RF Replace bellows in 2 Pas 520 MeV
Site Services ISIS/M15 water system split 520 MeV
(Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS) Cu-ALCW side stream work 520 MeV
2AVQ3-7 supply header vent valve replacement 520 MeV 12167
ME-141 compressor oil change and inspection by Contractor (RF and MM off) 520 MeV/E-LINAC
SAB3 boot box garbage collection 520 MeV
1A Targets
Remote Handling