Week 21 Updated: 21-May-19
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV Tuesday, May 21 BL1A: 08:30 for 12 hr + 2 hr hr start-up/1A test/tune  22:30
Cyclotron & BL2C4/STF: 08:30 for ~ 8 hr  ~16:30
E-LINAC TBD E-Hall open until E-GUN cathode bias repaired -
ISAC Shutdown until June 2019   Shutdown schedule: Collection-9271 Collection-9271
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG Top up IPF water package 520 MeV
Swap STF water package resin 520 MeV
Beamlines Adjust Q14 water pressure (South TNF access) 520 MeV
Controls BL1 overcurrent/CCSerr fault troubleshooting  520 MeV 12244
Connect BPM 6.6 (S. MH Mezz access) 520 MeV
Diagnostics Troubleshoot ToF readback in the DCR 520 MeV 12237
T1 target ladder/protect swap 520 MeV 12226/12233/12266
ISIS Regen cryo#147 520 MeV 12271
Magnets and Power Supplies Repair 1AQ9 water leak (needs S. MH Mezz access) 520 MeV
Operations Weekly SCRM and SCBCD tests 520 MeV
Sumps check All
Document BL1A tune (all monitors, TGT scans) after maintenance complete 520 MeV
RF Replace bellows in PA1 520 MeV
Install directional coupler in IPA 520 MeV
Readjust water I/L for HVPS (TBD, requires assistance from B.R.) 520 MeV
Site Services Cu-ALCW side stream measurements (contractor access to SAB3) 520 MeV
(Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS) Weekly routine check up and lubrications in SAB3 520 MeV
T1 target ladder/protect swap (MH craning) 520 MeV 12226/12233/12266
Remote Handling T1 target ladder/protect swap 520 MeV 12226/12233/12266