Week 19: May 5 - 11 Updated: 07-May-19
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV No maintenance planned. 1A start-up for 16 hr starting at 08:30 Tuesday May 7 Wed. May 8, 00:30
E-LINAC No maintenance planned. Beam commissioning all week. E-Hall open as required. -
ISAC Shutdown until June 2019   Shutdown schedule: Collection-9271 Collection-9271
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG EOB STF TGT and install new (Monday) 520 MeV - C2019-05-06-2 Y
Diagnostics T1 protect electronics troubleshooting (Monday) 520 MeV 11796 C2019-05-03-2 Continuing
Electrostatics and Power Supplies E-GUN cathode bias troubleshooting (Monday) E-LINAC 12222 A2019-05-06-1 Y
Magnets and Power Supplies 1AQ12 P/S output fluctuation repair (Monday) 520 MeV 12220 C2019-05-06-3 Y
M20:SM1:MAGD P/S repair 520 MeV 12195 C2019-05-06-6 Y
Operations M11/M9 annual ASU commissioning tests (Monday) 520 MeV - - N
M20B1 & BB annual safety critical device tests  520 MeV - - Y
Weekly SCRM and SCBCD tests 520 MeV - - Y
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