Week 18 Updated: 01-May-19
Maintenance this week Date Time & Length Production resumes
520 MeV Tuesday, April 30 08:30 for 4 hr followed by 4 hr beam development + 1 hr tuning/training time 17:30
08:00 for 10-12 hr for BL1 ONLY 20:00
E-LINAC Monday, April 29 & TBD 09:00 for 2 hr on Monday & 1 hr Tuesday-Friday TBD -
ISAC Shutdown until June 2019   Shutdown schedule: Collection-9271 Collection-9271
GROUP ACTIVITY Fault Report Work Permit Completed
ATG STF Cooling Package Pump Pressure Transducer 520 MeV 12211 C2019-04-30-13 Y
Crane flask from BWXT to STF 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-8 Y
Remove cap block for drive motor (craning work)  520 MeV - C2019-04-30-7 Y
Adjust Torque Limiter on STF Drive Motor  520 MeV - C2019-04-30-16 Y
Beamlines Flush 1AQ15 (10-12 hr in STNF) 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-9 Y
Controls Troubleshoot/replace Ex1 module 520 MeV 12213 C2019-04-30-18 Y
Computing and Networking
Cryogenics and Vacuum
ISAC Target Hall
Electrostatics and Power Supplies
Experimental Support Connect new device at M15 to ISIS water system (disruptive to I1) 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-14 Y
M20 cryo maintenance (6 hr in TNF cave) 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-05 Y
Magnets and Power Supplies 1AQ9 power supply water leak 520 MeV 12209 C2019-04-30-15 Y
Operations M11/M9 annual ASU commissioning tests 520 MeV - not done not done
M20B1 & BB annual safety critical device tests 520 MeV - not done not done
Weekly SCRM and SCBCD tests 520 MeV - N/A Y
Sumps check - -
RF Replace ignitron bulb in HVPS 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-11 Y
Add new leak detectors to VSWR monitor interlocks 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-12 N work to continue next maintenance
Safety E-Hall Lock-up troubleshooting  E-LINAC 12207 A2019-04-29-1 Y
Active sump sample and analysis 520 MeV -
Site Services 1AQ9 booster pump gasket change 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-09 Y
(Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical, FAS) Garbage removal from SAB3 bootbox 520 MeV - N/A Y
1A Targets
Remote Handling
Weekly routine check up and lubrications in SAB3 520 MeV - C2019-04-30-10 Y
M140 oil change and inspection by Contractor 520 MeV/E-LINAC -
* Italics = added after schedule agreed upon at Monday beam delivery meeting